Network Drive, SharePoint and Website Downtime Mon May 7th from 4-4:30am
Affects systems: other,

A restart of SGBF networked storage will begin at 4am and expected to be over by 4:30am. During this time resources stored on SGBF will be unavailable, this includes:

  • Files and folders stored on SGBF network drives. Please see below for assistance on checking whether your connected network drive(s) will be affected.
  • SharePoint sites provided by CUMC IT.
  • The ECHO system, used to record lectures, classes and events in campus classrooms and auditoriums.
  • Some CUMC websites.
Please make sure you have closed any files or programs that are open from these drives prior to 4am.
  • To find out whether a network drive you connect to is affected, see instructions linked on the About Network Drives page.
    Select the appropriate link under the Finding a Network Drive Path heading in the left of this page.
    If the drive begins with SGBF and ends in, it will be unavailable while maintenance is performed.
  • To be sure you do not have any files open, please close any Office programs including Outlook before the scheduled maintenance begins. If you are working directly on a file from a SGBF drive, rather than having saved a copy of the file locally and having only the local copy open, the file can become corrupted when the drive is taken offline for maintenance.
  • We strongly advise against working directly on files stored on a network drive in general, since any disruption in connectivity can cause corruption. This includes issues that may occur on the computer itself as well as general campus or commercial internet provider interruptions.
For more information please see:
Can I store my email folders (.pst files) on a network drive?
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